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Unconscious and Implicit Bias Training for Healthcare Professions 11.30.22 is a Course

Unconscious and Implicit Bias Training for Healthcare Professions 11.30.22

Time limit: 1 day

$75 Enroll

Full course description

The racial and ethnic makeup of the population in the United States is constantly shifting, becoming more diverse. Such a change has yielded a need for workforce more focused on health equity principles and practice. Productivity, turnover, and quality care are all connected to bias in a number of ways. Organizations looking to maximize employee and team productivity, and minimize turnover and low-quality care, should focus on removing bias from organizational culture and climate.


The Implicit and Unconscious Bias in Healthcare live, interactive course serves as an opportunity for participants to receive such training, and develop skills applicable to address enhanced public health guidelines and work focused on health equity.



At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

      Define the concepts of unconscious and implicit bias

      Differentiate types of implicit biases

      Support creating an inclusive environment

      Discuss counterproductive implicit bias and microaggression actions

      Explain strategies to lead employees through the implementation of new anti-bias policies

      Describe how biases can influence workplace decisions and interactions

      Discuss how personal biases impact decision making

      Explore the relationship between implicit bias, diversity, and equity 

      Describe how to negotiate bystander situations

     Explain health equity techniques to address bias